Maximize Revenue

We have partnered with only the highest quality golf-related websites, so we can secure high CPM rates for your valuable ad inventory. We sell your site inventory at increasingly higher CPMs based on the level of targeting: Run-of-Network (untargeted), channel specific (targeted), and site specific (highly targeted). Apply Now!

Gain Strength in Numbers

Small websites or highly targeted content areas of larger sites may not generate enough traffic by themselves to attract advertiser interest. By combining you site with others that possess similar content into a single, highly-targeted golf-specific channel, the Golf Ad Network can offer advertisers great advertising opportunities with increased traffic and highly-specific reach. Apply Now!

Make Your Website a Part of Your Sales Force

When you let the Golf Ad Network represent your site to potential golf advertisers, you will not need to dedicate a member of your already busy sales force to selling website ad inventory. We work closely with major agencies and golf advertisers that purchase online ad placements, making it easy for us to include your site on proposals that match your website's audience. Apply Now!

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